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Pull Another One: The best buggies available to buy right now

Pull Another One: The best buggies available to buy right now

Golf buggies had a moment in 2020. With social distancing more easily achieved when walking instead of riding in a cart with someone, many golfers turned to pushcarts for peace of mind – and of body – as COVID-19 made its presence felt. So many turned to them that they became hard to find for a while; manufacturers reported a 60-percent increase in sales. Many companies have increased production in anticipation of continued interest in walking moving forward. If you’re pulling, or pushing, an old model and looking to upgrade or are simply looking to join the walking brigade in 2022, consider these options 444.

MGI Zip Navigator AT (All-Terrain)

Designed with independent swivelling front wheels for added strength and stability, the Zip Navigator AT incorporates a full directional remote control for convenience, with the power of a 24V 380Wh lithium battery, allowing you to effortlessly walk the golf course. On even the most rugged and hilly courses, watch while your buggy traverses undulating landscapes with conviction using MGI’s patented Gyroscope Straight Tracker technology to always keep the buggy driving straight. Now you have no boundaries, no excuses.

RRP: $2,299.95


MGI Zip X5

With the ingenious advantage of automatic downhill speed control and an electronic park brake, you can focus on your game, and not your gear. The Zip X5’s downhill speed control software eliminates the need for the golfer to manually adjust the speed when walking downhill. This creates an effortless, weightless transition on sloping terrain. Combined with the in-built electronic park brake, which can be activated at the press of a button to keep your buggy from moving on steep terrain, the Zip X5 will keep your golf gear safe on any course. Make it a level playing field with the Zip X5 motorised buggy.

RRP: $1,549.95


MGI Zip X3

Packed full of desirable features, the Zip X3 will turn heads with its stylish look and modern design while being effortless in its operation. Built on a platform of signature MGI features like the controlled distance function, which allows you to set the buggy to drive a certain distance then automatically turn off, combined with a swivelling and lockable front wheel to suit varying golf course terrain, the Zip X3 is perfect for any golfer. To help improve your game and feel in control, the advanced digital electronic display will provide valuable statistics, like distances walked and the distance of your shot, along with important information like battery level and the speed of your buggy.

RRP: $1,349.95


Parmaker Range

Parmaker offers both three and four-wheel ride-on golf buggies, meaning there’s a model perfect for you regardless of how hilly the course, or ‘sturdy’ the rider. All buggies are manufactured entirely in Parmaker’s Melbourne factory from high-tech, lightweight materials, and fold to fit in most car boots (you can purchase the company’s custom ‘car carrier’ if you wish to keep your boot free for other items). Parmaker is the only company prepared to offer a five-year warranty. As the company likes to say: “Buy yourself a Parmaker – they’re built better.”


Motocaddy M1 Range

The No.1-selling Motocaddy M1 is packed with features including Adjustable Distance Control and a USB charging port. Driven by a powerful and whisper-quiet 230W motor with a lightweight 28V lithium battery, the M1 offers nine speed settings to match your walking pace plus an anti-glare LCD widescreen display with speed and battery indicators. The company says the M1 remains the easiest-to-use compact electric trolley in the world, featuring the unique ‘SlimFold’ design with space-saving inverting wheels for a significantly reduced folded footprint – perfect for easy storage and transportation.


*Clicgear Model 4 *

Model 4 is the latest iteration of Clicgear’s dominant three-wheel pushcart design. Clicgear has pushed the design envelope with features like the new adjustable upper saddle, revised lower saddle and silicone straps while retaining features like ample console storage and unmatched durability and stability that, according to the company, have made it No.1. Model 4 comes in a huge range of colours and is complemented by a complete selection of accessories. And for a unique, personalised look, the Model 4 can be colour customised with trim and wheel kits (sold separately).

RRP: $429.95


Rovic RV1S

Voted Best Push Cart of 2021 by, the Rovic RV1S features a 360-degree swivelling front wheel that makes changing direction effortless. The best-selling RV1S offers the abundant storage you’d expect from Rovic plus outstanding stability thanks to its wide base and large wheels. And for those with limited space, the unique patented Rovic folding action makes it ultra-compact yet simple to fold down. The RV1S is compatible with a wide range of Clicgear accessories for extra customisation and user-friendliness.

RRP: $349.95


Rovic RV1C

The Rovic RV1C is still the most compact and versatile three-wheel cart in the Rovic range and features some exciting colour combinations, silicone bag straps and an external ball clip, which frees up console space while offering fast reload. The RV1C is lightweight yet offers the durability you would expect from a premium construction of the Clicgear family. The patented folding design makes for an easy and straightforward fold down while the handle mounted brake and full console offer enhanced usability. The RV1C can also fit a wide range of Clicgear accessories making it a very user-friendly option.

RRP: $329.95


*Walkinshaw Swivel 4.0 *

The first thing you notice about the new Walkinshaw Swivel 4.0 buggy is how effortless it is to push. With a swivelling front wheel and larger, 12-inch wheels, a simple push is all that is required to send the buggy where you want it to go. No extra effort from you means you have more energy during the course of a round. And when it’s time to go home, the lightweight aluminium 3D frame folds down with a simple press of a button into a compact, easy-to-lift position in seconds. Packed with features, the Walkinshaw Swivel 4.0 includes a scorecard holder with storage for all the items you need to keep handy, like your GPS or phone, balls, tees, ball markers and drink bottle plus a large, easy-access, two-pocket storage silo.

RRP: $329.95


*Walkinshaw Racer 4.0 *

The Walkinshaw Racer 4.0 buggy was developed for Australian conditions by automotive engineers. It has a three-wheel, easy-push design and a sturdy steel frame that folds in one smooth motion. Well thought-out features include a side seat that allows easy access to your golf bag pockets and lifts to reveal a handy storage compartment. The Racer also includes a multi-function scorecard holder with drink, ball, tee and phone storage. Racer 4.0 is available in three classic colour combinations.

RRP: $289.95


Vogue Smart Wheels S2 Power Buggy

The Smart Wheels S2, designed and manufactured by Concourse Golf, are continuing to pioneer new territory with a game-changing experience for golfers. In merely a few seconds, the Concourse Smart Wheels S2 can transform most existing push-buggy models into advanced, remote-control, electric-powered ones. The genius of the Smart Wheels S2 lies with the advanced technology that enables them to communicate wirelessly with each other so they can independently attach to an existing push buggy. Gone are the inconveniences of existing motorised buggies. Smart Wheels S2 have concentrated all the functionality and benefits that electric power brings to the game, in a more compact, sophisticated and convenient golfer experience. Each wheel houses its own powerful brushless electric motor, lithium battery power source, advanced sensors and gyroscope technology so golfers can power their existing push buggy via remote control. Smart Wheels are available in black or white.

RRP: $1,899


But if driving is more your game…

Although the COVID-19 pandemic produced a slew of golfers walking and carting their own bag on the course, the fact is 253,000 more adult Australians played golf in 2020 than in 2019, according to the latest AusPlay statistics released in June. Another fact, not everyone is ‘hoofing’ it. Which probably explains why Highland Golf Cars is enjoying a productive period with its showcase of impressive new and used golf carts – the largest display outside Sydney. Coupled with utilities and transport vehicles, this dealership’s continued popularity and growth can be attributed to its code, ‘We will not be beaten on price.’ When you have a vast array of stock to choose from, excellent sales and after-sales service and legendary trade-in deals, that adds significant confidence when buying from Highland Golf Cars, says the dealership’s owners Brian and Chris Woodward.

“Golf carts, utilities and people movers are increasingly more affordable and feature-packed these days,” Brian adds. “With varying models and price points, there are many options to suit any budget. Whether you’re after the latest model or are interested in a used vehicle, there is simply no better place to start (and end) your journey. Highland Golf Cars will trade any cart, so why not trade up today?” If you’re looking for a used cart, check out for an extensive selection of pre-owned and fully reconditioned buggies, all with warranty and all equipped with brand new batteries. Highland Golf Cars are leaders when it comes to quality price and distribution of cart batteries. “The current ‘unbeatable’ deals on Neuton batteries is an all-time winner,” Woodward says. “We can arrange delivery of a cart, trailer, a set of batteries or a part to anywhere in Australia. All you have to do is ask!”